Are You Ready for Summer?

Are You Ready for Summer?

Memorial Day is this weekend! With the holiday’s arrival, marks the unofficial start of summer. As summer arrives, focus should shift towards herd maintenance issues. Taking the time to prep for herd health concerns will ensure a healthy cow herd through the duration of the hot, stressful summer months for cattle.

Some tips for cattle management throughout the summer months are:

  • Water
    • Provide constant fresh water source for cattle on pasture. Cattle require more water during the summer months than one may realize. Consider the minimum requirements for cattle at 90F.
      • 400 lb Calves: 9.5 gallons/min per day
      • Lactating Cows: 16.2 gallons/min per day
      • Mature Bulls: 20 gallons/min per day
  • Mineral Program
    • Cattle should continue to receive a high quality mineral supplement while on summer pastures. Consider the demands of hot weather, terrain, and lactation on cows; supplement accordingly for increased conception rates and herd heath.
  • Fly Control
    • With summer, comes the return of flies. Flies are a major nuisance for cattle and producers. Flies are able to spread pink eye and mastitis through the herd, as well as increase herd stress. Consider multiple options when seeking to control fly population. Methods that make a difference include fly control mineral supplements, fly tags, insecticide dispensing rubs for cattle, among others. Evaluate the needs of your herd for the most effective program to suit your needs.
From everyone at the American Shorthorn Association, enjoy your holiday weekend!

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