Shorthorn Spring

calf Spring has finally arrived. After a winter that seemed would never end and cold early spring weather, temperatures in the 70’s and  80’s are a welcome relief. It is always a highlight of the year to watch the trees and flowers wake up from their winter hibernation  and bloom into their springtime beauty.

With spring comes the greening of pastures. Green grass pairs impeccably well with cows that are equally excited about the arrival  of spring with an unquenchable hunger for fresh green grass. As cattle producers, springtime is an excellent time to check off  important items off the herd “to do list.” As cattle will soon be turned out to pastures, taking the time to make sure all fencing is in  top shape can save you lots of time this summer with fence repairs or chasing down pasture escapees. In May, you have either  already started breeding season, or its arrival is quickly approaching. Take the time now to make sure all breeding bulls have been  evaluated for breeding ability and that all AI supplies have been ordered and are ready for use.

Any way you look at it, spring is an exciting time for all! I love taking time to watch the calves playing together on nice spring days!  I caught this calf taking a break after playing last weekend on my farm.

Happy Spring!


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