Team Spirit!

At the ASA office, we like to celebrate our employees – and the environment we work in. So every once in a while we plan an office potluck, which always brings in a lot of food. Shirley (part-time receptionist) usually ramrods this event and brings her famous junk burgers – which Montie has renamed “Husker Junk Burgers” since Shirley is the biggest Nebraska Husker fan you will ever meet.

In the midst of a busy summer consisting of Shorthorn U, Junior National and KEY Conference among many other activities – we hadn’t even had a summer potluck lunch and we wanted to make sure to have one before interns Laura and Blaire left us for the summer, which they will be doing this week. Can’t believe their time as interns are almost up! Watch for a blog post from them this week for a recap of KEY Conference!

Now this office lunch wasn’t just any office lunch. During the planning of food items we would bring, they were soon getting labels like Shirley’s Husker Junk Burgers, Patrick bringing cowboy caviar from “Cyclone Nation” and Montie bringing “Sooner Buns”. So staff each wore their favorite team t-shirts today – all college teams.

Team Spirit

Teams/Schools represented:

  • Nebraska
  • Kansas State
  • Iowa State
  • Oklahoma State
  • Oklahoma (Montie was half and half on his representation of OK college teams)
  • Missouri
  • Oregon
  • Penn State

This was a fun way to show our school/team pride and get together for lunch as a team ourselves. (We are stuffed, by the way.)

What do you do as an office or a staff to bring the team together?

– Audrey  (Go K-State!)

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