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College is fun! This week we’re sharing all the reasons why we love our Universities and what makes them specialcolleges. Get the inside scoop on Kansas State University, University of Minnesota and Oklahoma State University.

Leah- Kansas State University

Key Points

  • School Mascot: “Willie” the Wildcat
  • Color: Royal Purple
  • Member of the Big 12 Conference

Hey That’s Pretty Cool!

  • K-State was originally founded as an agriculture college.
  • The First Land-Grant University- designated by a State to receive the benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890.
  • Modern Family star Cameron, played by Eric Stonestreet is a K-State Alum

Things I love about K-State

  • Bill Snyder- He’s old, he’s cool, we love him and it will be a sad day when he leaves us. Why? Because what would K-State be without the legendary coach Snyder?
  • He is the only active football coach who has a Stadium dedicated after him. An even more obscure fact known to mostly locals, is the highway named after him, “Coach Bill Snyder Highway” can be seen as you come into town on Highway 177.
  • Family is the one word I would use to describe K-State. That’s what we are, one big, happy, purple family that sings ‘Alma Mater’ at football games with our arms wrapped around each other, we ‘Hail Synder’ and we all really hate KU.

Things I love about my college/department

  • Clubs- They offer an exciting and interactive way to build contacts and meet some awesome new friends. In the realm of agriculture, the people we meet in college are going to be friends, colleagues and business contacts for the rest of our lives.

My current involvement:

  • Collegiate Cattlemen’s: I especially love traveling to NCBA every year with the club.
  • When traveling with Collegiate Cattlemen’s to NCBA be prepared to have people look at your group and go “WHOA, that’s a lot of purple!”
  • Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow: I love this group of Ag Communicators. Whenever I need creative advice or someone to edit my paper I know my AgCom buddies will be there.
  • ACJ Department: I know mostly everyone in this major, it’s one of the smaller majors in the College of Ag which is awesome because I get to be friends with my classmates and instructors.

Things I love about Manhattan

  • Manhattan is the dictionary definition of a college town, yet has an awesome small-town feel. Manhattan can also be referred to as Manhappiness, Manhappin, or The Hat to many college students, alum or locals.
  • I would consider Manhattan a “Foodie” town and I absolutely love it.


Here are my go-to places:

  • So Long Saloon- They serve specialty burgers and it will be life changing.
  • s. you can’t go to So Long without getting the Chipotle Raspberry & black bean dip, and when I say you have to you HAVE TO.
  • Arrow Coffee- Cute and artsy on the inside. Get the Voldemort, it’s a sweetened coffee drink similar to a frappe and it’s delicious.
  • Varsity Food Truck- Get the mac and cheese grilled cheese. I know, I know, our arteries are clogging just thinking about it but it’s definitely worth it and you get the experience of the late-night food truck.
  • Konza Prairie: Located in the Flint Hills, this offers a beautiful hiking experience. The trails range from 3.8 miles to 13 miles, they also have a pretty cool snapchat filter.

Emma- University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Mascot: “Goldy” the Gopher

Colors: Maroon and Gold

Big-Ten School


  • Popular CFANS Majors: Agricultural Education, Agricultural Communications and Marketing, Agricultural Food Business Management, Animal Science, and Applied Economics.
  • VetFast Program: A fast-track program to Veterinary School to meet the high demand for veterinarians needed for livestock animals.
  • There are over 25 minors to accompany the majors of CFANS.


  • CFANS Specific Clubs include Gopher Dairy Club, Block and Bridle, Gopher Crops and Soils, National Agri-Marketing Association, Agricultural Education Club, and National Grocers Association.
  • The U has a General Livestock Judging Team that runs every other year and a Dairy Judging Team that is ran every year.
  • Considering Greek Life? The U of M has over 60 fraternities and sororities to choose from!
  • Study, Intern, or do research across the globe, the U has a large variety of programs offering all types of experiences.

School Activities:

  • GOPHER GAME DAY- everyone loves a good football especially when played against our most notable rival, the Wisconsin Badgers. In fact, we have the longest continuous rivalry in NCAA Division 1 football.
  • MN Royal- Every spring the student organizations in CFANS spend a week competing against each other in activities such as skits, quiz bowl, scavenger hunts, and showmanship.
  • Minnesota State Fair- St. Paul Campus borders the MN State Fairgrounds. The State Fair runs for 12 days ending on Labor day because of this and the fact that many students work and volunteer at the state fair, the U does not officially start classes until the day after labor day.

Interesting Facts:

  • We have the 6th largest main campus student body in the United States but CFANS is the only college that resides exclusively on the St. Paul campus yet it is only a short bus away from the U’s main campus in Minneapolis.
  • Minnesota has been called “the Silicon Valley of Food” due to the amount of food and agricultural companies that have their headquarters located there:
    • Cargill
    • General Mills
    • Land O’Lakes
    • SuperValu
    • Mosaic
    • CHS
  • What is the best apple in the world? The Honeycrisp Apple. Where was it created? The University of Minnesota- St. Paul Campus.

Emily- Oklahoma State University

The basics

  • School Mascot: Pistol Pete
  • Colors: Americas Brightest Orange
  • Member of the Big 12 Conference

Just some quick fun facts

  • Oklahoma State was founded on Christmas Eve in 1890 as Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanical college or Oklahoma A&M Tigers ( The inspiration to OSU school colors black and orange)
  • In 1923 ideas were made to change from the tigers to the cowboys and have a mascot called Pistol Pete after cowboy Frank Eaton. In 1958 Pistol Pete became the official mascot for OSU. Original Pistol Pete created the head while working at Disney.
  • Oklahoma State holds “Americas Greatest Homecoming Celebration”

Why I Love My School

  • OSU Football – Because I mean who doesn’t love College Football! OSU Football is one of my favorite Traditions at OSU. My favorite Saturdays are spent in Boone Pickens Cheering on the boys in Orange and Black led by their Fearless Leader and Alumni Mike Gundy. And I mean who doesn’t love a coach with a mullet!
  • The “Orange Pride”- Orange Pride is everywhere, you can see it when you are going to class or even around the Town of Stillwater. America’s Brightest Orange is hard to miss especially game days or Orange Fridays, the spirit just bleeds out of you. Not only do we bleed orange but we have a saying that becomes everyday life.
    • Saying: “Go Pokes becomes a common phrase with everything, whether good or bad.” You just got an A, “Go Pokes” or you are headed to an 8 a.m. class and just split your coffee all over your brand new shirt, “go pokes.”
  • The “Family Aspect”- To describe Oklahoma State in one word everyone uses Family. You can just feel it when you are on campus. Through every bad thing that OSU has, they stick together. Despite everyone’s differences we all come together for the love of our school, our team and our ‘family’

Why I love my College/Department

The College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources

CASNR’s motto, “Expanding Minds. Inspiring Purpose.”

  • CASNR is broke into nine Academic Departments
    • That holds 16 majors with more than 59 study options, with some of the best advisors and professors in the country ( at least in my opinion)
  • Over 60 Student Organizations and Competitive Teams within the college with many opportunities to get involved know matter what you are interested in!
    • Fun Fact, The Animal Science Department alone last year had two National Champion Judging teams!
  • Also $1.4 Million awarded in scholarships every year! I mean who doesn’t want free money!

The Insides of Stillwater

  • Stillwater, Stilly or Chillwater as knows by the people who live there has been also Called “Americas Friendliest College Town”
  • Now to the Good Stuff the food:

Here’s where to get some of my favorites:

  • Eskimo Joe’s: Located right near campus and walking distance from Boone Pickens, Stillwater’s Jumpin’ Little Juke Joint since 1975, one of Stillwater’s most popular traditions. After more than 40 years and millions of T-shirts (and cups!) If you go make sure you order the Sweet Peppered Bacon Cheese Fries, Sometimes that’s all I get for my meal.
  • Pizza: If you’re craving pizza before game day, make sure to go visit the original Hideaway Pizza right around the corner from Boone Pickens or the Student Union. Hideaway just celebrated their 60th anniversary in Stillwater. Most known for their stuffed mushrooms or their tie-dye shirts, you won’t be disappointed by a piece of Stillwater history.
  • Now for one of the best places in Stillwater, Granny’s Kitchen. If you’re looking for AMAZING home good cooking for a great price then you have come to the right place. From huge cinnamon rolls and crispy bacon to hearty sandwiches and fun T-shirts you will always leave full. And to answer your question, it is worth the wait!
  • South Washington: Restaurant/Bar District, There’s always something going on and things to do and see. From Fuzzy’s Tacos to the late night Dirty Curty with pizza with Macaroni on it. What could be better!

I can’t believe three years have gone by at this amazing school and I will be graduating in May. Stillwater will always be in my heart! And always remember #GoPokes!






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