About AJSA

AJSA Mission

The AJSA strives to brighten the future of the Shorthorn breed by engaging its members in opportunities that develop character, promote valuable skills, and build life-long friendships.

AJSA History

History was made July 22, 1968 in Louisville, Ky., during the first National Shorthorn Youth Conference when Mark Tracy of Boulder, Colorado was elected as the first president of the newly formed American Junior Shorthorn Association (AJSA). The National Shorthorn Youth Conferences have continued since, being held every summer in states all across the US. The first National Junior Shorthorn Show was held in Springfield, Illinois in 1973. The two events merged into one week full of activities held simultaneously since 1981. Since these modest beginnings, the AJSA now boasts over 4000 junior members from all across the US participating in one of the top Junior beef programs available. Youth have opportunities available to them through this association that led to unprecedented careers not only in the agricultural industry, but the skills and lessons learned from a Shorthorn project can be easily adapted to careers in any industry.