The Four Best Days of Summer Spent at the Minnesota State Fair

Written by: Kelly Morrison, Minnesota AJSA Member

As Labor Day has come and gone it’s time to look back and reflect on what was the greatest four day weekend of the summer, The Minnesota State Fair. The Minnesota State Fair is a popular show for Shorthorn breeders all across the Midwest. These four days are always spent catching up with old friends, viewing some high quality Shorthorn cattle, and having just a little bit of fun. With over 140 head of Shorthorn cattle we hosted the second largest breed at the show this year!

The show ring shows a class of Shorthorn plus heifer calves being exhibited
The show ring shows a class of ShorthornPlus heifer calves being exhibited

The Minnesota State Fair is known for more than just its quality livestock, it has tremendous amounts of tasty treats, many of which can be had on a stick. It has concerts every single night, whether it’s country music or hard rock there is normally a concert for everyone’s taste. But most importantly, the Minnesota State Fair has tremendous exhibitors who place an emphasis on building relationships with showman and breeders all across the country!

The Reserve Champion Heifer is pictured with the Minnesota State Shorthorn Association Board of Directors

This four-day event gave me the time to get to catch up my current relationships all whom I have made while attending the fair for numerous years. This year’s state fair also gave me the opportunity to build new relationships with exhibitors who I have never met before. I know I am not the only one who will say this, but the relationships I build in the cattle barns at the Minnesota State Fair are one’s that will last a lifetime. The four days we spend helping other exhibitors settle in and prepare livestock for show day, and the time spent sitting by the cattle and talking are moments that we will cherish until next year’s state fair when we are able to do it all over again!

Kelly Morrison with a junior member taking a break during the show
Kelly Morrison with a junior member taking a break during the show

“Minnesota nice” isn’t just a stereotype that our state is given, it’s an ideology that we embrace! We make it our passion to ensure every person who comes to show Shorthorn cattle in our state have an experience of a lifetime, and has a desire to come back to show next year. No matter how big or small your shorthorn operation may be, the Minnesota State Fair is just the place for all Shorthorn breeders to spend a fun and rewarding Labor Day weekend!

The Minnesota Lassie Queen Riley Francis is pictured handing out ribbons
The Minnesota Lassie Queen Riley Francis is pictured handing out ribbons

Now, I’m sure you have heard by now that the 2016 National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference is going to be held in St. Paul Minnesota next summer. We as a state cannot wait to meet and host breeders from across the country on our state fairgrounds! We have some big ideas and fun activities in the works to make sure that this Junior Nationals is one for the books! We hope that every showman keeps us in mind as they prepare for next summer’s busy show season, because Junior Nationals is a show you are not going to want to miss!

Whether you’re from South Dakota or Texas the Minnesota Shorthorn Association is excited to welcome you to our home next July. Be prepared for a fourth of July weekend unlike any other, your friends and family will be envious of all the fun times you have in our great state of Minnesota! We promise to give you a week to remember at the 2016 Shorthorn Junior Nationals! An added bonus to all those who have never attended the Minnesota State Fair, this Junior Nationals will give you a chance to check out our fairgrounds and see if you would be up for spending your labor day weekend back in Minnesota for the 2016 Minnesota State Fair! So mark your calendars for the fourth of July weekend, because we all know you won’t want to miss this amazing opportunity!