NJSS Entry Form

The 2021 National Junior Shorthorn Show will be June 20-26 in Louisville, Kentucky. We look forward to seeing you for the “Shorthorn Safari.” Exhibitors must be members of the AJSA to show or participate, see link at bottom of page to become a member. Exhibitors must be 7 as of Jan. 1, 2021 to show cattle. If you have an AJSA member that is 5 as of Jan. 1, 2021, they can participate in contests (except showmanship). Find all information about NJSS in the EDGE newsletter.

Entries are closed for the 2021 NJSS

Entry Fees and Additional Fees

  • Bred & Owned – $105 ($60 late entry & $45 bedding)
  • Owned – $105 ($60 late entry & $45 bedding)
  • Both (Bred & Owned and Owned) – $165 ($60 late entry(x2) & $45 bedding)
  • Cow/Calf Pair (ONLY enter with this choice if calf is NOT showing individually) – $150 ($60 late entry & $45 bedding(x2) (see note below about entering cow/calf pairs)
  • Exhibitor Fee – $50 (required – includes t-shirt, contest fee and meal packet for two meals)
  • Parking Pass – $10/vehicle (required – if you do not purchase during entry, you will have to pay each time you enter grounds. Buy a pass for every vehicle you will have.
  • Additional Meal Packets – $30 (one packet = two tickets – awards and opening ceremony)
  • Additional T-Shirts – $15

***If you are showing the cow/calf as a pair AND the calf separately, enter the cow individually as owned or bred & owned and enter the calf individually as owned and bred & owned)***

***Bulls show ONLY as Bred & Owned. They do not show in the Owned show.***

See show classifications and rules & regulations for detailed information on classes and rules.




You are required to be a member of the AJSA to show or participate in the National Junior Shorthorn Show. Click here to become a member.

For questions about NJSS contact Shelby Diehm – click here for email.