Leading a Legacy

Leading a Legacy

Dunlap, IA

October 12, 2019

October 12, 2019 | SULLIVAN FARMS | DUNLAP, IOWA

Thanks to John, Dede, Sara & Sage Sullivan for hosting the Leading a Legacy fundraiser at Sullivan Farms. The ASA and AJSA appreciate your support of the National Junior Shorthorn Show and Youth Conference.

100% of proceeds go to the National Junior Shorthorn Show & Youth Conference.

For more information or if you want to donate, contact the AJSA  | 816.599.7777 | info@shorthorn.org

Thank you to the 2018 Foundation Bred Heifer donors Sutherland Shorthorns | David, Sherry and Jaclyn Ragsdale

SUTHERLAND Cherry 430 E | 04/06/17 | Polled | Registration Number: 4265502

BRED TO: ARG Hector 1777ET | Registration Number: 4267185

Sutherland Farms involvement in the Shorthorn business began in the1950s on a farm where Jack Ragsdale served as the farm manager for over 40 years. In1968, the first Shorthorn Youth Conference was held at George Garvin Brown family’s, Sutherland Farms.

“I guess you can say Sutherland Farms or Sutherland Shorthorns has been committed to Shorthorn youth from the very beginning,” David Ragsdale said. “Sherry, Jaclyn and I are extremely honored to be able to donate the 2019 Shorthorn Foundation heifer.  May the tradition of junior excellence continue.”