Learning, laughter and livestock.

Twelve weeks ago this central-Indiana hog girl found herself with an internship in Omaha working for a cattle association. (I had never even been to Nebraska until I moved for the summer!) Yes, funny how things fall into place, right? As I am preparing to leave my “home” for the  past few months, I can’t believe the experiences I’ve had, the people I’ve met and the place I’ve been. Without a doubt, I am capping off the best summer of my life. My time spent with the ASA is an experience I will never forget!

2012 ASA Communications Intern,  Jennie Johnson, and me.
2012 ASA Communications Intern,
Jennie Johnson, and me.

As I finish up the last few items on my sticky note to-do list this week, the memories and stories from the last 3 months continue to rush back. Memories of using the copier the slow way verses the more efficient way after making hundreds of copies the day before, experiencing my first major league baseball game with the Shorthorn and Hereford staff in Kansas City, the countless hours in the office designing the exhibitor folder for Junior Nationals, staff lunches, the drive to KEY Conference in the mini vans, dragging luggage across the Iowa State Fairgrounds looking for a truck at Junior Nationals and so many more.

I want to thank the entire American Shorthorn Association staff for sharing their knowledge and expertise with me and always making me feel like part of the team. From proof reading my articles and press releases, to helping me brainstorm ideas and provide feedback, I appreciate and thank Audrey Hambright. She has allowed me to gain real-life experiences in the agricultural communications world and prepared me for my future career. Whether it was teaching me how to use the copier, explaining the ins and outs of a Junior National, or challenging me to try new things and ask questions, I am forever grateful for Gwen Crawford who has become as a mentor and role model. Last but not least, I want to thank Jennie Johnson for setting the bar for me in this internship, being an incredible roommate and for including me in everything this summer.

Gwen Crawford and I skating in  Michigan at KEY Conference
Gwen Crawford and I skating in
Michigan at KEY Conference

I have summed up my internship experience in three words: learning, laughter and livestock…what more could you want? Learning about the Shorthorn breed and communications, sharing a laugh in the office or at an event with a member and discussing livestock on a daily basis has made each day so great. Without a doubt, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience or better people to be surrounded by. I am forever grateful to have been an ASA intern and can’t wait to see where the breed goes in the future!

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