What are the interns up to?

Kaylee Mclnvale

What have you been doing these first few weeks? The first week I was here, I mainly worked on the online contests. I started the day those entries closed, so I spent about three days organizing all the files and getting those entered. Then I sent those off to the judges to be placed. I will post the top five as soon as I get those in, and we will announce that. Next, I inventoried all the prizes we had received and made lists of when or where we would get the following awards. Next, I have been working on the PowerPoint where all the online contest entries are displayed. This past week I sat and worked on quiz bowl questions, the cattlemen’s written test, and scripts that the board and announcer will use for junior nationals’ week. These scripts, including the judge and queen’s bios, will be announced weekly. Next, I have been working on all the contest folders for the week of junior nationals. I have also ensured we had every state’s flag for opening ceremonies. Finally, I spent one-afternoon reorganizing boxes for the junior nationals’ office as it would be easier to find things, and that way, cords were not completely tangled. This week, I worked on the top five for the judged contests. I also worked on getting showmanship heats done and have been working on completing small tasks that will make the week leading up to and the week of junior nationals much easier to navigate. Outside work, I have been taking summer classes and working on homework and tests. I have had a great few weeks being in Kansas City and have seen some incredible sites and eaten at some great places. The biggest thing I have learned is how to use Apple Desktop. I have been a PC girl for most of my life, so transitioning into Apple was a huge learning curve. I spent most of my first day playing with the computer to try and figure out the different shortcuts and commands that vary between the two systems.

Jana Owen

What have you been doing these first few weeks? I have been working on sending confirmation emails out to junior national competitors. I am a little over halfway through! My goal is to have them all completed by Friday! Working extensively with Digital Beef has taught me how to search, edit, and update animals within our registration system. I have to ensure everything is correct to have successful classes at junior nationals!

Ashley Osborne

What have you been doing these first few weeks? I learned much about working on a website and creating my first magazine these first few weeks! I first started out working on the exhibitor folder and getting my first draft completed. Moving through the past few weeks, I took over all social media posts for Facebook’s Throwback Thursday & Motivational Friday and the Websites intern blog post. In addition, I finished the meal ticket design, and they are ready to print. Last week, I had a lot of fun getting to know and work with Amy on the Shorthorn Country, and I have some big projects coming up soon. This week I will start working on the daily schedule that will be posted every morning of junior nationals letting you know the time and events for that day. As well as working on social media thank you posts to all our amazing sponsors. Outside of work, I have been spending time with my family and enjoying making memories in the barn and by the pool with my nieces.

Welcome Interns

What’s your name? Kaylee McInvale

Where are you from? Stephenville, Texas

Current/ Future? Currently a senior at Tarleton State University, majoring in Animal Science with a focus on production and minoring in Agriculture Economics. I will be graduating in December. I don’t know my plans afterward; however, I want to get my master’s.

What are you most excited about this summer? The fun adventures I will get to go on through the internship and with the other interns.

What is your agricultural background? I have been in the cattle industry since birth. My parents met at the National Western, and it was fate for me to grow in this industry. I’ve been handling and showing cattle since I could walk. I have helped them in the show barn and run several hundred heads of cattle. This has been my way of life, and I hope to continue.

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without? Some sort of caffeine. While I have cut down my consumption of sodas, coffee, and energy drinks. I have learned that I still need some kind of caffeine every few days. That is probably one thing I could not go without.

What is something that always makes you smile? Dad jokes always get me. I live for corny jokes. I also enjoy the cow jokes even after I have heard them a million times. However, my dog usually makes me smile when he is his goofy self.

What’s your name? Jana Owen

Where are you from? I am originally from Taft, Tennessee, a small town in southern middle Tennessee.

Current/ Future Plans? I am an Animal Science major at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, so go vols! I plan to pursue a career in agricultural communications/youth events within the beef industry.

What are you most excited about this summer? I am looking forward to connecting with ASA members through junior nationals and other events this summer. I love listening to others’ stories and hearing about their passion for agriculture, specifically shorthorn cattle!

What is your agricultural background? I grew up on my family’s shorthorn cattle farm. I was heavily involved in 4-H and FFA through cattle and goat shows, judging contests, quiz bowls, speeches, portfolios, and everything. Through these youth organizations, I discovered my passion for agriculture and desired to work as an advocate for this vital industry. 

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without? Spotify. Whether I’m working cattle, driving down the road, or working in the office, it’s always on! I listen to everything from fascinating podcasts and stories to Hannah Montana songs and classic country playlists.

What is something that always makes you smile? Spending quality time with my friends and family. Whether playing board games, eating at our favorite restaurant, or cheering on the Volunteers, I always enjoy laughing and having fun with them!

What’s your name? Ashley Osborne

Where are you from? Lathrop, Missouri

Current/ Future Plans? I am attending Kansas State University, majoring in Agricultural Communications and Journalism with a minor in Animal Science. I plan to return to my family farm raising purebred Santa Gertrudis and Star 5’s, pursue a career in agricultural communications and work with youth in the agricultural industry.

What are you most excited about this summer? Most excited to be back home working with my nieces getting their calves ready for this show season.

What is your agricultural background? I grew up in Sparta, Kentucky, on a cow-calf operation with multiple generations on the farm. We raised purebred Santa Gertrudis cattle in Kentucky until expanding our operation to Northwest Missouri in 2010. Since then, I have started my herd within our farm and expanded into the Star 5 program. We have raised multiple National Champions and Reserve National Champions and have won at least one State Fair Champion at every state fair with a Santa Gertrudis open show. Now I help run a Junior Show within the Santa Gertrudis breed that is “FOR THE KIDS,” it’s a nonprofit show that gives every child an opportunity to show and grow within themselves and not only walk away with money and award but walk away with a lifetime of experiences and memories.

Aside from necessities, what one thing could you not go a day without? My emotional support Stanley. I love drinks of any kind; water, soda, teas, and lemonades, so it’s a daily necessity that I have my Stanley with something in it.

What is something that always makes you smile? My family, friends, and my corgi. Those three things bring great joy into my life, and I love them dearly. If that’s us just having a family dinner on Sunday or us traveling to a show, we all have a good time and enjoy our time together.

2023 Interns

Welcome to our 2023 American Shorthorn Association Interns. We are looking forward to their arrival in May!

Jana Owen is a junior at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, where she is majoring in Animal Science and minoring in Agricultural Communications. Jana grew up on her family’s Shorthorn farm in southern middle Tennessee. As an alumna of both 4-H and FFA, she enjoyed exhibiting cattle and goats and competing in multiple judging, quiz bowl, speech, and portfolio competitions. At UT, she loves staying plugged in with the agriculture industry through organizations like Block and Bridle, TN Ag Communicators of Tomorrow, Dairy Club, Livestock Judging Team, and Collegiate 4-H & FFA, where she serves as Vice President. Outside of these activities, she enjoys going to church, UT games, concerts, and thrift stores. Jana is passionate about the Shorthorn breed and is ecstatic to learn more about the association this summer!

Kaylee McInvale is currently a senior at Tarleton State University pursuing a degree in Animal Science and a minor in Agricultural economics. Kaylee wants to pursue a master’s and take a path into animal nutrition or reproduction. She is very active on campus as she is a Tarleton State Block and Bridle club member. She serves as the scholarship chair for the Alpha Zeta chapter of the Sigma Alpha Sorority. As well as she is currently serving as a Residential Leader for the Tarleton Housing Department. Kaylee has been raising and showing livestock all her life. She has raised Chianinas, Simmentals, and Herefords. She has helped her parents run cow operations like Circle M Farms and Foster Brothers Farm, registered Simmental and Angus farms. Kaylee served in various positions as a Texas State Junior Director for both Horn and Polled Associations. She was in various royalty roles for the Polled Association. Kaylee served as the 2020-2021 National Hereford Queen, leading her to where she is today. She is currently serving on the National Junior Hereford Board of Directors. She was elected to the board this past summer. Kaylee is looking forward to meeting and working with all of you this summer. Kaylee will be serving as our Junior Activities Intern.

Anna Bonnet is a junior agriculture media and communications major at West Texas A&M University. She is from Karnes City, TX where she grew up helping her family on their Brangus cattle ranch and showing cattle for many years. Throughout college she has had the opportunity to intern for several national livestock shows, growing her passion for the stock show and cattle industries. Anna is very excited to be joining us in Kansas City for the summer as the communications intern.

Shorthorn Summer

Now that we’ve ‘waved’ goodbye to Junior Nationals, we’re ‘shore’ ready to spend the rest of our Shorthorn summer ‘shell-abrating’

Now that we are past Junior Nationals and everything has been safely and neatly been organized back into the office, we’re ready to hit the pool for our ‘Shorthorn Summer’ (after work of course!)

Showin’ Off the Interns

On our final week before Junior Nationals, enjoy a story from each of our interns on their show experience & favorite memory!

As may of us have, all three of us grew up in the cattle industry- and all three have a uniquely different experience. Growing up in different states heavily influenced this, but being at Shorthorn and preparing for Junior Nationals, thinking about what’s all going to happen- has made us all think of our own showing experiences & we thought we would share!

Interns & Agriculture

Although agriculture plays a large role in all of our lives, being from three different states gives a different perspective on how each state is unique in agriculture and in their crops and production.

We hope you enjoy our agriculture facts and maybe learn something new about our states and what they bring to the dinner table!
– Lily, Sara, Regan

After meeting and living together for almost three weeks now, all of us interns always make dinner and talk together and of course the subject of agriculture came up! We all agreed on how big of a part agriculture played in our lives and how we would not be here today without it, of course we have to brag about it. All three being from different states led to a lengthy discussion of what our different states bring to the table and how our families and friends play their part in it!