Contest Rules

Contest Rules have been updated for 2024. Please be sure to check the rules as it gets closer, they are always subject to change. 

General Contest Rules



All contests for individuals will have FOUR age divisions (age as of January 1): Prospector I (5 to 9 years), Prospector II (10 to 12 years), Intermediate (13 to 16 years) and Senior (17 years and up). If any individual participates in a “team” contest with someone of a different age division, the team must participate in the oldest contestant’s age division. (Age as of Jan 1) 

All contestants must go through contest registration online for individual contests. EXHIBITORS MUST SIGN UP FOR INDIVIDUAL CONTESTS THAT ARE IN THE ONLINE ENTRY FORM BEFORE JUNIOR NATIONAL. ( **Showmanship is included for online sign-up, you will not be able to sign-up for showmanship at junior national.** Advisors will submit teams for team contests. Team rosters may be changed after sign-up, until the day before the contest. Members of a team may not change on the day of the contest. 

Contestant back numbers will be assigned and used for identification purposes in all contests and must be worn in showmanship. These numbers are not the same as the heifer show back numbers. Numbers for team/state contests will also be issued for identification purposes when necessary. 

If a junior is participating in multiple contests and they are scheduled for a certain time and may miss this time because of another contest they will be bumped to the end. The only way to be moved for time is if the junior is participating in multiple contests. 

Judges are NOT required to complete scoresheets, they are given them as a guideline for judging. They are encouraged to complete the sheets.

Scoresheets are not required to be returned to participants. If scoresheets are returned, they will be returned to an advisor to distribute following the awards ceremony. 

Random Top 5 will be posted by the morning following the contest.

This is just general rules for contests. Be sure to read each contest rules for specific contest information.  Rules are at the discretion of ASA staff and the ASA board of directors.

General Contest Rules

General Contest Rules

Arts & Crafts Contest

Arts & Crafts Rules

Statement of Originality

Name Tag – Available in April 2024

Beef Cook-Off Contest

Beef Cook-Off Rules

Primal Cuts of Beef

Beef Facts and Information

Career Development Contest – Seniors ONLY

Career Development Contest 

Job Description Options – must select one of the three options

Cattleman’s Written Test

Cattleman’s Test Rules

Digital Photography Contest  

Digital Photography Rules

Statement of Originality

Graphic Design Contest

Graphic Design Rules

Statement of Originality

Herdsman Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Rules

High Point Award

High Point – Point Breakdown

Junior Herdsman – Seniors Only

Junior Herdsman Rules

Livestock Judging Contest

Livestock Judging Rules

Photography Contest

Photography Rules

Statement of Originality

Promotional Poster Contest

Poster Rules

Statement of Originality

Name Tag – Available in April 2024

Sullivan Supply Showmanship Contest

Showmanship Rules

Speech Contest

Speech Rules 

Judges Rubric for Speech

State Basket

State Basket Rules

Sullivan Supply Team Fitting Contest

Team Fitting Rules

Team Salesmanship Contest

Team Salesmanship Rules

Judges Rubric for Sales