Summer Fun!


Besides being at work, I have been taking summer classes. Most of my extra time has been spent on homework and tests. I have visited the Kansas City Zoo and have gotten to try some cool places throughout the town. I have had a few moments off as part of my Junior Hereford Board of Director duties and when I traveled to Madison, Wisconsin, for the National Hereford Expo.


I will say this has been my less active summer because of the internship, but I wouldn’t change it for the experiences that I have gotten. Besides Kaylee, Jana, and I going to Luke Comb’s concert, I have enjoyed spending time with my nieces at the pool and watching them grow up. Since I live at college, I don’t get to be there as much as I would like. My friend Jack and I went to Angus Junior Nationals in Grand Island, Nebraska, to surprise my roommate Avery and watch her retire from the junior board. We are also in preparation for show season, which includes cleaning the trailer, packing the trailer, and clipping calves, so some long hot summer days will come soon.


Outside of work, I have been spending my afternoons exercising at the gym and writing letters/postcards to my friends and family back home. A couple of weeks ago, Ashley, Kaylee, and I went to Arrowhead Stadium and saw Luke Combs, Lainey Wilson, Riley Green, and Flatland Cavalry in concert! It was such an amazing show! I have also enjoyed going out to line-dance and two-step! I flew to Tennessee to watch my brother exhibit his shorthorns at our state beef expo and celebrate the Fourth of July with my family! I will fly home again for my school’s livestock judging camp in Knoxville! After that, I plan to squeeze in a day or two to do all Kansas City things and see all the sights! It is crazy that we are already halfway through the summer, but I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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